Teri Meri

Teri   meri, meri  teri
D A   G A   F G   A F

Prem kahani   hai mushkil
G       A G F    E    D E D C

Do   lafzoon mein yeh
C D  E D F    E      G

Bayaan na ho paye
A G      F   E   D D

Ik ladka ik ladki ki
Hai yeh kahani nayi
Do lafzoon mein yeh
Bayaan na ho paye

Ik dooje   se    huye    judaa
A  A# A   A#   A A#   G A

Jab ik dooje   ke liye    bane
 A   D  C A#  A  A A#  G A

Teri meri, meri teri

Tum se dil jo lagaya
D      F  A  G  F G F

Toh jahan maine paya
 D   F A    A# A    A A

Kabhi socha na tha yeh
D  F     A  G  F   G   F

Milon door hoga   saaya
 D  F    A    A# A    A A

Kyun khuda tune mujhe
D        C D   E F  E D

Aisa khaab dikhaya
D C   D E    F E D

Jab haqiqat mein  usse
D   C D E    F       E D

Todhna tha..
 D C D  E

Ik dooje se huye judaa

Hear me play

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Rakajudha said...

I am a bathroom singer just like you (your words) and figured out chords by testing on each beginning and ending...just guess work..but came out good. Chords are my weakness..therefore

Anonymous said...

Thanks for uploading this song:)

Anonymous said...

this has been the fav song for many people. nice selection to have done it on the keyboard.

Albela said...

Hi manjusha G!
I have been playing I've been playing dis song on keybord but was doing some mistakes.I ammended dem by ur notes..Thanx my Teacher..
Manjusha G I wanna know bout chords when to play these? R these to play continue or when we play 1 of the Note which the chord consists of ?

Anonymous said...

Thank you....
I'm going to add this site in my favourite list.

Manjusha said...

@ Albela,

Not sure I understand your question right.

* when to play chords?

Teri meri, meri teri

My notation inserts chords within "[]", so with your right hand, as you play the tune (D A G A F G A F), keep your left hand fingers on Dm chord. Which notes are included in Dm? look here:

* I have a chord technique written here, http://sari-gama.blogspot.com/2009/09/technique-for-playing-chords.html. Please read the post, makes it much easier on your fingers.


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