Ha Har Ghadi (flute)

On request...

Song starts with B on higher scale, and gradually flows down to lower notes.

Haan har    ghadi,
B       B A   C B

har   pehar,
B A  C B

Har  disha
B A   C B

me tum ho
A    G    F#

main dekhti     hu jidhar,
F#     F# G A   G    G F#

Main Mushkura ke Jaan bhi ye de du,

Tum manglo    jo      agar..
F#     F# G A    D#    D# E

Ha .. Main bhi
D      D C    E

ab    main na rahu,
D E  F#     E   D E

Aur tu     naa tu  rahe,
D    C D   E   D   E D

Ek    duje me..
D C  B C  B

Kho   jaye hum,
B A   G B   A
Mil   Jaye    aa   is     kadar..
A G  F# G   F#   D#   D# E

Haan har ghadi, har pehar, Har disha me tum ho main dekhti hu jidhar,
Main Mushkura ke Jaan bhi ye de du, Tum manglo jo agar..

Hear me play

Played on Yamaha DGX 220 using:
Voice - FLUTE (092)

Watch the Song


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