Thanks Ravi, for requesting this soulful song.. Notes below (transposed by -1):

Tanhayee                     Tanhayee
B F E  E D C B C        B F E  E F

Dil Ke Raaste   Mein Kaisi Thokar Maine   Khaayi
D    D   D D E      E    E E     E F       E D      D D C

Toote Khwaab Saare Ek Mayusi Hai Chhayi

Har Khushi So Gayi
B     E  C#   B   A  C

Zindagi   Kho Gayi
B A C#    C#    E F

Tumko Jo Pyaar Kiya Maine To Saza     Maine   Paayi
B E       F  E F    E E    F        B   C B A   A           G# A G# F


D E G#

Milo Hai   Faili    Huvi   Tanhayee
D E    E     E E A  G# F   D G# F E

Tanhayee Tanhayee
 D F E       D F E

Khwaab Mein Dekha Tha Ek    Aanchal
B B        A       B C      E    E D  E F

Maine   Apne Haatho  Mein
F F E    D C    E D C    B

Ab Toote Sapno Ke Shishe
B   C   E  F  E     F    E F    

Chubte Hai In Aankhon  Mein
E E D    C   B  B E D C    B

Kal Koyi Tha Yahin Ab Koyi Bhi Nahin .....

Hear me play

Played on Yamaha DGX 220 using:
Voice - FLUTE (092)

Watch the Song



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