Ninnu kori varnam

It's a Telugu song for the first time. Something I wanted to try, ever since I started playing the keyboard. A time-less number from the 80's movie Gharshana (Agni Nakshatram in Tamil). The non-Telugu/Tamil speaking visitors, you've got to watch the YouTube video at the bottom of the page. I'm sure you'll love it! 

Finding the notes itself was a Herculean task. I can't imagine playing this with chords. For it to sound good, I chose the Saturday Night rhythm on Yamaha Keyboard.


F# D E F# D E B A

F# D E F# D F# B A (2)

B B B F#   F# F# F# A   A A A E   E E E F#

F# F# F# E   E E E D   D D D B   B B B A

ninnu kori

F# F# F# E D E F#

varanam varanam

F# E D  B D

sari sari

D E  D E

kalise      nee

F# F# F# E  D E F#

nayanam nayanam

F# E D  B D

urikina  vaagalle

D E F# E D E D B A

tolakari  kavitalle

D E F# E  D E B D E

talapulu  kadhilene

D E F# E  D E D B A

chelimadi  virisene

D E F# E   D E B D E

ravikula  raghuraama

D E F# E  E F# A B


F# B A F# E

ninnu kori...


D B D   B D E

B D B  B D B  B D B  B D B  E D

B D B  B D B  B D B  B D B  E

B B D D B A  F# A B A F# A B   (2)

F# E D D E  F# E F# E D D E

F# E D D E  F# E F# E F# A B

vudikinche chilakamma

A A        A F# F# A A


F# A B D D B D A

volikinche andhale

A A        A F# F# A A


F# A B D D B D A

muthyaala bandhaale

B B B A   F# A B


B A A F# F# E E D

achatlu muchatlu

B B B A F# A B


B A A F# F# E E D

mojullona  chinnadhi

D D D B D  D B D D

neeve taanu  annadhi

E E   E B E  E B E E

kalale vindhu chesane

D D    D B D  D B D D

neeto pundhu korene

E E   E B E  E B E E


F# E D D E F#

nee todu cherindile

F#  E D  D E D B A

ee naadu sarasaku

D  B A   A F# E D

ninnu kori ...

Hear me play

Watch the Song


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Ratna said...

Very good

Kalyani said...

Excellent sir, its fantabulous. I am a beginner for learning piano. Entha chakkaga play chesarandi. very nice

Manjusha said...

@ Ratna,
Thank you!

Manjusha said...

@ Kalyani,

Don't call me sir/madam. The name is Manjusha, okay :) Anyways, thank you for your appreciation.

sastry said...

Good one..please post few more telugu songs notes if possible

Manjusha said...

@ Sastry,

Hmm. I love to play telugu songs too,, let me see if I can learn any.

animeboy said...

You have missed a part of music at the ladt ......
Anyways thanks for the notation !!!!!

Phani said...

Hi Manjusha - I just started learning piano myself.. I was very much impressed with this song and started learning this. As i learned, I am not able to pick up quickly.. why dont you start online classes for us?

Manjusha said...

@ animeboy,

yeah, I might have missed something.

@ Phani,

This song is the fastest one, in terms of speed of playing, that I played till now. To get it to sound atleast remotely close to the original number, your fingers should literally do a fast-paced dance on the keyboard, which comes with practice.

Start playing slowly, you'll definitely pick up the tempo in time.

Kalyani said...

I agree with phani, we are deeply requesting you to start some online classes if possible. weekly atleast an hour.

Manjusha said...

@ Kalyani,

Thanks for your push. But, see there are three main aspects in playing a song..

1. getting the notation,
2. playing just the tune from the notes,
3. playing with chords

(1) requires knowledge of music or atleast a music sensing ear - can't guide you here :(
(2) comes with practice - here too..
(3) there are a bunch of ways you can play chords. after googling for enough time, I figured out a technique for playing chords with ease - shall definitely put up a tutorial for this in the next couple of days.

pavan said...

Hi Manjusha ,

I don't know how to tell , how much happy I am to see your blog..I strictly believe you need to conduct online classes ... I started following your blog recently ,but one question though... For your songs ,how are the drums playing in the back-ground? I have a yamaha key board but dont know much how to use it ..


Manjusha said...

@ Pavan,

Glad that you liked my blog..

Coming to your question, well, there's something called "style" on the keyboard. "Style" is a pre-programmed pattern with different instruments like strings, drums, etc. As you play the chords, the notes of the chord sort of pass through the "style" filter and you get to hear the sound of different instruments synchronized with the chords that you play. That's the most layman-ish way of describing it.

Look up on your keyboard manual and find out what styles are available and how to play them. On my Yamaha DGX-220, here's what I do to get the sound of drums, etc..

1. Set "accompaniment" to ON
2. Choose a style
3. Set the tempo
4. Start playing the chords

Hope that helps!

pushpavalli said...

Hi, If you still discussing on this blog, I have quick question. I learned as C(1), D(2), E(3), F(4), G(5), Do we shift keys down side using right hand?

Umasai said...

Awesome!!!!! I think You should post more telugu songs, maybe some of the latest songs. I even have a few requests.


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