Fur elise

This would perhaps sound the best since the notation isn't mine. :)
Since I didn't know the exact tune, I kind of mugged up the notes and played. Thank you Google, for the notes!

I'll post a better sounding midi once I begin playing the chords.

Here are the notes:

E D# E D# E B D C A   C E A B  E G# B C

E E D# E D# E B D C A  C E A B  E C B A

E D# E D# E B D C A  C E A B  E C B A

B C D E  G F E D  F E D C  E D C B

E D# E D# E B D C A   C E A B  E G# B C

E D# E D# E B D C A  C E A B  E C B A

& here goes my small tribute to the maestro

Click & Save to download MIDI

Chupke se chupke se

I managed to learn just the "pallavi" for now. Wanted to play atleast one song of A R Rahman, and this was the simplest amongst all. Writing the notation for one stanza has taken as much effort as learning the notation for an entire song of any other composer. That is AR! Planning to learn the complete song soon.

For now,,,,

Chupake     se chupake    se raath   ki chaadar thale

F# F# F# G  B  F# F# G C#  B F# G F# E   C# C#   G F#

Chaand kee bhee aahat naa ho baadal ke peechhe chale

F# F#   G   B   F# G  C#   B  F# G F#  C# C#   G F#

Jale kataraa   kataraa   gale kataraa  kataraa

F# G A B C# B  A B A F#  F# G A B C# B A B A F#

Raath bhee naa hile      aadhee     aadhee

F# F#  G    A  C# A A D  C# D C# B  A B A F#

Raath bhee naa hile   aadhee aadhee  ye

F# F#  G    G  A# A    G G   C# C#  C# G

Chupake se chupake se raath kee chaadar thale ...

Listen to my MIDI

Click & Save to download MIDI

Watch the Song

Aate jaate Haste gaate

Aate Jaate, Hanste Gaate

D# G G G#   D# G   G A# G#

Socha Tha Maine Man Mein Kai  Baar

D# G  G   G# A#  C   A#  G# G  F

Woh Pehli Nazar, Halka Sa Asar

F   A A   A A#   A# A# A# F F

Karta Hai Kyun Is Dil Ko Bekaraar

F A   A   A#   C  D   C  G G G#

Ruk Ke Chalna, Chalke Rukna

D#   G  G G#   D# G   G A# G#

Na Jaane Tumhe Hai Kiska Intezaar

D# G G   G G#   A#  C A# G# G F

Tera Woh Yakin Kahin Main To Nahin

F A  A   A A#  A# A# A#   A#  F F

Lagta Hai Yehi  Kyon Mujhko Baar Baar

F A    A  A# A#  C    D C   G G   G#

Yehi  Sach  Hai, Shayad   Maine Pyar Kiya

G# G# G# G#  F   G F G D# D# D#  G   G G#

Haan Haan Tum Se,    Maine Pyar Kiya

G#    F    G  F G D# D# D#  A#  C A# C G#

Listen to my MIDI

Click & Save to download MIDI

Listen to the Song

Churaliya hai tumne

Chura liya hai tumne jo dil ko

A A   C B  A   A A B  A  G  G D

Nazar nahin churaana sanam

A A   C B   A A A B   A G#

Badalke meri tum zindagaani

A A C   B A   A  A B A G G D

Kahin badal na jaana sanam

A A   C B   A  A B   A G#

Oh, le liya   dil, oh haai mera dil

D   D  D D E  D B  D   D    D E D B

Haai  dil lekar   mujhko na behlaana

C# C#  C# A C# B  A C# B A  C# B A A

Chura liya hai tumne jo dil ko ...

Bahaar banke aaoon kabhi tumhaari duniya mein

A B C   D D  D D E D C   A B C     C C    C

Guzar na jaaye yeh din kahin isi tamanna mein

A B    C  D D   D   E  D C   A C  B A A   A

Tum mere  ho, tum mere  ho

D   D D E D B  D  D D E D B

Aaj  tum itna   vaada  karte  jaana

C# C# C# A C# B A C# B A C# B  A A

Chura liya ...

Listen to my MIDI

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Watch the Song

Ek do teen

Ek do teen, char paanch che saath aath nau,

C  D  E     D     E      D   E     D    C   

dus gyarah, barah tera

C   D D#    D D#   D C

Tera karoon, tera karoon din gin gin ke intezaar,

G D# D# D    G D#  D# D  C   D   C   B  A B A G

aaja piya aaye bahaar

G D# D# D  C D  B C

Chaudah ko tera sandesha aaya, Pandrah ko aaunga yeh kehlaya

D E E   D  C C  C C E E  D C   C E E   D   C C  C E  E D C

Chaudah ko aaya na pandrah ko tu, tadpake mujhko tune kya paya

B C    B  B C  B   B C    B   B  B E E D  C D   B D   C  B A

Solah ko bhi

G D#   D  D#

Solah ko bhi solah kiye the shingar, aaja piya aayi bahaar

G D#  D# D   C D   C B  A   B A G    G D# D# D  C D  B C

Din bane hafte, hafte mahine,

D D D D  C# D   C# D  C# C# D

mahine  ban  gaye saal,

C# C# D C# D C# D  E

Aake jara tu dekh tho le,

B C  B B  C  B C  D    C

Kya hua hai mera haal,

B E E D  B  C B   A

Diwani dar dar mein firti hoon,

C C C   C   C   B    A B   B

Na jeeti hoon naa mein marti hoon,

C   C C   C    C   B    A B   B

Tanhai   ki raatein sehti hoon,

C# C# C# C#  C# C#  C# D   D#

Aaja aaja, aaja aaja aaja,

D# E D# E  D# E D# E D# E

aaja ke din ginti rahti hoon

E E  D   C  D C   B C B  A

Listen to my MIDI

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Watch the Song

Meri mehbooba

Kisi Roz Tumse Mulaakat Hogi

E A  C B  A B  E G# B A G# A

Meri Jaan Us Din Mere Saath Hogi

E A  C B  A  B   E G# B A   G# A

Magar Kab Na Jaane Ye Barsaat Hogi

A C   E   D  C# D  A  C E D   C# D

Mera Dil Hai Pyaasa

E D  C   B   B B

Mera Dil Akela

D C  B   A A B

Zara Tasveer Se Tu Nikalke Saamne Aa

E A  B C B   A  B  E A B   C B A  B

Meri  Mehbooba

G# G#  G# B A

Meri Taqdeer Hai Tu Machalke Saamne Aa

E A  B C B   A   B   E A B   C B A B

Meri  Mehbooba

G# G#  G# B A

Meri Mehbooba Meri Mehbooba

E E  D C E D  D D  C B D C

Meri Mehbooba

C C  B A C B

Meri  Mehbooba  Meri  Mehbooba

G# G#  B A B A  G# G#  B A B A

Zara Tasveer Se Tu Nikalke Saamne Aa

Meri Mehbooba ...

O Bla Dee Dee Dee

A B   C   C   C

O Bla Da Da Da

G# A  B  B  B

O Bla Do Do Do

B  C  D  D  D

What To Do

F    D  E

Nahin Yaad Kabse      Magar Main Hoon Jabse

E E   A A  G G B A G  D D   G     D   E E E

Mere Dil Mein Teri     Mohabbat Hai Tabse

E E  A    A   G B A G   D D G    D  E E E

Main Shaayar Hoon Tera Tu Meri Ghazal Hai

E    E D     C    C C  E  E D  C C    C

Badi Bekaraari Mujhe Aaj Kal Hai

E E  D C B B C D  E E  D C  C  C

Badi Bekaraari Mujhe Aaj Kal Hai

C C  B A B B   G# G# B A  A  A B C

Mujhe Aaj Kal Hai

G# G# B A  A   A

Bhala Kaun Hai  Vo     Humein Bhi Bataao

E E   A A  G G  B A G   D D   G   D E E

Ye Tasveer Uski       Humein Bhi Dikhaao

E   E A A  G G B A G   D D    G  D E E

Ye Kisse Sabhi Ko Sunaate Nahin Hain

C   C C  B C C C  B B B   A B    B

Magar Doston  Se Chhupaate Nahin Hai

B B   B A B B B  G# G# B   A A   A B C

Chhupaate Nahin Hai

G# G# B   A A    A

Tere Darde Dil Ki  Dava Hum Karenge

E E   D C  C   C D  E E  D  C C C

Na Kuchh Kar Sake To  Dua Hum Karenge

E   E     D  C C  C D E E  D  C C C

Na Kuchh Kar Sake To  Dua   Hum Karenge

C    C    B   A B  B  G# G#  B  A A A B C

Dua   Hum Karenge

G# G#  B  A A A

Tadap Kar Aayegi Vo ...

Listen to my MIDI

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Watch the Song

Baazigar Oh Baazigar

O Mera Dil Tha Akela, Toone Khel Aisa Khela

E E E  D F E D C E    D C   B D  C B  A C

Teri Yaad  Mein Jaagun Raat  Bhar

B A  G B A  G   F F    F G F  E

Baazigar O Baazigar

E G# B   D C B C B A

Tu Hai Badha Jaadugar

E  G#  B D   C B C B A

Chupke Se Aankhon Ke Raste Tu Mere Dil Me Samaaya

E E    D  C B A   A  B B   E  A B  D   C  B C C

Chaahat Ka Jaadu Jagaake Mujhko Dewaana Banaaya

C C     B  A G   E F F   D F    F B A   G F E

Pehli Nazar Me Bani Hai Tu Mere Sapnon Ki Raani

E E   E E   F  E G  G   D  D D  C E    D  E E

Yaad Rakhegi Ye Duniya  Apni Vafaa Ki  Kahaani

E    E E F   E  E G F E  D D  D C  C E  D E E

O Mera Chain Churaake Meri Neenden Udaake
Kho Na Jaana Kisi Modh Par
Baazigar O Baazigar ...

Listen to my MIDI

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Watch the Song

Jadoo teri nazar

Jadoo Teri  Nazar, Khushboo  Tera   Badan

A E   D E D  C B    G D      C D C   B A

Tu Haan  Kar Ya Naa  Kar

F  C B      E  B   A

Tu  Hai Meri  Kiran

A A  F   F G   F E

Jadoo Teri Nazar ...

Mere Khwaabon Ki Tasvir  Hai Tu

C D    C A    B  A A B A  G   B

Bekhabar Meri   Taqdeer  Hai Tu

B B F    F G F  E E D C   D  C

Tu Kisi Aur Ki Ho Na Jana

F  G F  E D E  E  D  C E

Kuch Bhi Kar Jaaonga Main Deewana

E     D   C  C D C B  A   G A G

Tu Haan Kar Ya ...

Listen to my MIDI

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Watch the Song

Dil ne yeh kaha

Dil ne yeh kaha hai dil se

A   B  D   B A   G# B   A

Mohabbat ho gayi hai tum se

A A B    D  B A  G#  B   A

Meri jaan mere dilbar

A B  C E  D C  E D

Mera aitebaar karlo

G A  B D C B  D C

Jitna bekaraar hoon main

A B   C E E E  E F  E D

Khud ko bekaraar karlo

G    A  B D C B  D C

Meri dhadkano ko samjho

F G  A C B    A  C B

Tum bhi mujh se pyaar karlo

C   B   G    G  G C   B A

Tum jo keh do toh chaand taron ko todh laaunga main

E   D  C   C  C   E D    C C C  E D C  C D C   B

In hawaaon ko in ghataaon ko modh laaunga main

D  C B B   B  D  C B B    B  D C  B B C B A

Kaisa manzar hai meri aankhon mein kaisa ehsaas  hai

E D   C C    C   E D  C C      C   E D   C C D C  B

Paas darya hai door sahra hai phir bhi kyun pyaas hai

D C  B B    B  D C  B B   B   D    C   B    B C B  A

Kadmon mein jahaan yeh rakh doon

A B    C    E D     C  E     D

Mujhse aankhein chaar karlo

G A    B D       C B  B D C

Jitna bekaraar hoon main ...

Listen to my MIDI

Click & Save to download MIDI

Watch the Song

List of Songs

Here are the piano notes for some popular hindi songs:

Teri MeriBodyguard
Dil se reDil Se
Ha Har Ghadi (flute)Thank you
TanhayeeDil Chahta Hai
Behti Hawa Sa3 Idiots
Hey Ya!Karthik Calling Karthik
Khuda JaaneBachna Ae Haseeno
Main agar kahoonOm Shanti Om
Piya boleParineeta
Ninnu kori varnamGharshana (Telugu)
Roja JanemanRoja
Zara ZaraRHTDM
Ajab SiOm Shanti Om
Ek tu hi bharosaPukaar
Rimjhim rimjhim1942-A love story
Mere haath meinFanaa
Sunne waalonOm shanti om
Dekho naFanaa
Yeh mera dilDon
Papa kehte hainQSQT
Mere rang meinMaine pyar kiya
Aate jaateMaine pyar kiya
Chupke seSaathiya
Aane wala palGolmaal
Ek do teenTezaab
Churaliya hain tumneYaadon Ki Baarat
Meri mehboobaPardes
Baazigar Oh BaazigarBaazigar
Dil ne yeh kahaDhadkan
Jadoo teri nazarDarr
A special one: Beethoven's Fur Elise

About this Blog

Hey hi. Thanks for visiting my blog. Few dislaimers before I get started. :) This being my first attempt at blogging, I might not have hosted a well organized blog. Also, am no piano stud. Haven't taken any lessons as such, I simply play for myself. So, my notes might be faulty at places. Please do bear with me. :)

Alright now, let me introduce myself. This is Manjusha, a simple Indian housewife living in the US. After years of studies and work, I'm now jobless in this "land of opportunities". :( To kill time, I do 'n' number of things. Thankfully, am not bored of this H4 status yet. I love to read, anything. Be it the techie stuff or works of fiction or the newspaper. Virtually anything. :) Also like music. Enjoy watching movies and outdoor activities like skiing. That's a little about me.

Having seen many of my friends set their foot on the blogosphere, I too wanted to give it a shot. But the big question is - what do I blog about? With this thing hovering in my mind, I've spent several sleepless nights. Seriously guys. :) Most bloggers usually write about their hobbies or in general, scribble about anything and eveything on this planet expressing their opinion. My activities mainly include cooking, reading and wandering in the world of internet. So, I could not really come up with anything interesting to write about.

Many of my friends are food-bloggers. They write real good recipes, and take amazing pictures. Lately, food-photography has become an art in itself. I really appreciate their patience for maintaining such good websites. I have enough patience and interest too for blogging. But food-blog and me - a big NO. I was a pathetic cook until a while ago. Couldn't even prepare a cup of coffee for dad. My husband has already gained enough sympathy from my friends for having become the guinea pig of my kitchen.:) But am lot better now. My food blog (if it exists) would just contain one single post, describing my universal recipe for all the veggies. :) Fry the tadka, onions, tomatoes & any veggy of your choice and thats it, your curry is ready! Pretty simple, isn't it?. :) Got bored of using the same template for everything, and have started googling for recipes. Long live Indira (of mahanandi) and Prema Sundar (prema's cookbook @ blogspot)!

The other thing, I could have blogged about is books. I enjoy reading fiction. Read mostly Sheldon, Archer and Grisham. Except for few works of Dan Brown, Chetan Bhagat and Sudha Murthy, the books I mostly read are all best-sellers of yester-years. There are hazaar reviews of them already available on the net. So, I've got nothing new to enlighten people about. :) Oh by the way, any techie guys out there, try reading the "Head First" series of books when you find time. A good source for re-learning the concepts, the head-first way!

Still the desire for blogging remains, even though I can't think of what to blog about. After giving enough thought, I finally decided to blog about my new found love, which happens to be my piano. I was never a music enthusiast. My mom pained me enough during my school days by joining me in veena classes. Tried hard and finally managed to get rid of them with an excuse for saving time for my studies. After that, I've never touched any instrument. I love listening to music, movie songs as well as the instrumental stuff. But somehow, lack the interest to actually learn music. After marriage, I've seen my husband play movie songs on his piano and was impressed. Most of them are real good melodies, songs that are evergreen. It took no time for the enthu to creep into me. My husband introduced me to the sa-ri-ga-ma's on the piano and that's it, I started playing khooni-ragas with one finger. :) Pained by that, he taught me my first song - papa kehte hain from QSQT. I loved playing it. And therafter, started playing on my own. Thanks to musicindiaonline for the good collection of songs that I keep pause-and-playing infinite number of times. Am in a better shape now. Each time I learn a new song, I play it for my parents, showcasing my piano heroics. :) The happiness I get after learning a song is boundless.

Googling for piano notes would take you to several websites that list the notes for many Indian songs. But the satisfaction in writing the notation yourself is lots. So, I made it a point not to peep into the notes. My notes are not perfect. Whenever I find it hard to accurately note-ify a portion of a song, I approximate it by sampling at few places in between.:) To start with, I posted few songs that I've learnt till now. Each post contains the notes, and two players. One that plays the actual song and the other that plays a record of what I play on the piano (in MIDI format). My notes are all chord-free, since I haven't learnt chords yet. I'd soon learn playing the piano properly, and perhaps put up few tutorials too. :)

So that's it folks! Before I wind up, few credits I'd like to include:

1. My husband, for inspiring me into this piano stuff.

2. My friend's blog (valliskitchen @ blogspot) for making me want one of my own.

3. Ironically, the H4 visa, for giving me all the time in this world!


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