Ajab si

Playing this beautiful song involves too many black keys, which is difficult for me :). For my convenience, I transpose the keys by a factor of 3 each time I play. Pls note that the song actually starts with the note G#, even though my notation starts with F (left shifted by 3).

Aankhon mein teri

F C     F    C F


Ajab  si ajab   si adayein hai

C C F G  A# A G F  E E D C C


Dil ko banade  jo patang saans se

C#  C# C# C# F F  F G    G     G


Yeh teri woh haawaien hai

F   E A# A G F G F   F


Aai   aise raat hai jo

A G F A F  D D  G   A


Bahut khush naseeb  hai

C C   G     G A G F F


Chahe jise door se duniya

A F   A F  D D  D  D G A


Woh mere kareeb  hai

C   C G  G A G F F


Kitna   kuch kehna hai

A A A C F E  D D   C


Phir bhi hai dil mein

D    D   C   D   D


Saawal hai kahin

C A G  D   C C


Sapno   mein jo

A A A C F    E


roz kaha hai woh phir se

D D C D  D   C   D    D


kahun ya nahi

C A G A# A G


Aankhon mein teri ...

Hear me play

Watch the Song


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naseem said...

that one was very nice songs and chords i like it and i have try for it thats fine it can be played easly sir can you send me the chords for hindi songs tery liye and do pal from veer zara plz i am waiting for it my e mail id is


THE SMITH said...

your whole concept is superbbbbbb
i also read yor some other songs notation
those were also wonderful
but i would like 2 suggest that the music part also be given equal importence
i have been learning key board since 3 years at ahmedabad
-yours smit mehta

vatsala said...

Thanks for the chords.It was very good!!I even wanted some more for hindi new songs.Plz give it through my E-mail ID I.e.,

Manjusha said...

@ naseem, smith, vatsala,

Appreciate your comment!

Allan said...

what r the style name and tempo of the song

Manjusha said...

@ Allan,

Serenade (#121) is the style on Yamaha DGX-220, can't remember the tempo.

Zara said...

Dude! This is what i was looking for! All those piano chords are the best and theirs so many to choose from! I sdearche so much for all of them! But now i have found this site and it helped SO MUCH! THANKS! thank you very much !! may god bless you :] they are very easy too

Zakaria said...

this is a great place...
pls keep giving us such a great MUSIC SERVICE


Shyam said...

i tryed out the notes and the "yeh teri hwaein hai" part came out diffrently for me i think it is F C C A# A G F F let me kno if im correct

neha said...

i feel u have to keep proper rest between the measures as the song goes. For instance in AJAB SI, first two lines (aankhon mein teri.........hai) before the next line there's a small rest

just take care of that
otherwise YOU R SUPERB
i love the way u place the chords

all the best


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