Sunne waalon

I barely managed to play the chords for the OSO theme, having devised a chord-generation algorithm after doing enough research on the internet. :)
To start with, I'm just going to play the major, minor & flat chords corresponding to the notes.

Sunnewaalon Suno Aisa Bhi Hota Hai

E D E G E   D C  D E  E   D C   D

Dil Deta Hai Jo Woh Jaan Bhi Khota Hai

E D E G  G   E  D C D E   E  D C   D

Pyar Aisa Jo   Karta  Hai,

C    B A  G# A B A G# A

Kya Mar Ke Bhi  Marta  Hai,

C   B   A  G# A B A G#  A

Aao Tum Bhi Aaj Sunlo

C B  A  D   C B G# B

Dastan  Hai Yeh Ik  Tha

E F E F E   F   E D  C


Naujawan Jo Dil Hi Dil Me

C D C D  C  D   C   B  A


Ek Hasina Ka Tha Diwana

A  B A B  A   B  A G F E

[Dm]                   [E]

Woh Haseena Thi Ke Jisaki

E   F E F   E   F  E D C

Khubsurati, Ka Duniya

C D C D C   D  C B A

Bhar Mein Tha Mashahoor Afsaana

A     B    A  B A B     A G F E

Dono Ki Yeh Kahaani Hai Jisako Sabhi

D E  F   G  A G A   B   A B   C B

[Dm]    [G]     [Am]      [E]

Kehte Hai Om Shanti Om

E E C  D   B G G    A

[Am]      [G]       [Am]

Listen to my MIDI

Click & Save to download MIDI

Just the theme, with chords

Watch the Song


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Worn out Capricornian said...

Hi Dude,

This is really cool - can you put in the stanzas of Sun ne walon from OSO



Manjusha said...

@ worn out capricornian,

Anytime soon!


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