Mere rang mein

Mere Rang Mein Rangne Waali

A A  A E  E    D E F  E D

Pari Ho Ya Ho Pariyon Ki Rani

G G  D  D  D  C D     E  D C

Ya Ho  Meri Prem Kahaani

F  F C C C  B C  D C B

Mere Savaalon Ka Jawaab Do

A A  A B C    F  E D C  E

Do Na

B  A

Bolo Na Kyon Ye  Chaand Sitaare

E D  C  E    D C  E D   C D D

Takte Hain Yoon Mukhde Ko Tumhaare

D C   B    D    C B D  C  B C C

Chhooke Badan Ko Hava Kyon Mehki

C B     A C   B  A C  B A  B B

Raat   Bhi Hai Kyon Behki Behki

B A    G#  B   A G# B A G# A A

Mere Savaalon Ka Jawaab Do, Do Na...

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Gopu said...

Very Good Work

ritu said...

Hi Manjusha,

First of all keep it up.I am sailing in the same boat.Only difference being ,since childhood i have always wanted to learn music.
I am trying to practice mere rang mein from your notes.What i want to know is how do i know the notes which need to be played with right hand and which are to be played with the left hand.and have you posted the chords for this song as well.thank you so much

Manjusha said...

@ Ritu,

First of all, Thank you :)
The notes need to be played with the right hand. I haven't posted the chords for this song, so its all right hand.

ritu said...

thanks i am playing all with the right hand now.Is it possible for you to post the chords,style and voice you used to play this song.and also the notes and chords for the prelude.
thank you

Manjusha said...

@ Ritu,

I once tried to decode the prelude, but realized its beyond my scope. :( Guess, its been lifted from some English song. Anyways, let me put it up on my to-do list. Thanks for stopping by this post, "Mere rang mein" is one of my all-time favourite songs and the highlight of this song is the music in between the lines. I'll definitely try to post the chords for this in the next couple of days, but prelude and interlude, I can't promise when.

naughty said...

thanks dude great job good help god bless u

hrishi said...


Thanks for the notations. I don't play piano, but appreciate what you are doing. BTW, I would like to point that this song, though a beautiful song on its own, is heavily inspired by "Where do I begin" instrumental from Love Story. The original piece sounds heavenly on piano. As a piano lover/ player, one can hardly ask for a better piece.



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