Jadoo teri nazar

Jadoo Teri  Nazar, Khushboo  Tera   Badan

A E   D E D  C B    G D      C D C   B A

Tu Haan  Kar Ya Naa  Kar

F  C B      E  B   A

Tu  Hai Meri  Kiran

A A  F   F G   F E

Jadoo Teri Nazar ...

Mere Khwaabon Ki Tasvir  Hai Tu

C D    C A    B  A A B A  G   B

Bekhabar Meri   Taqdeer  Hai Tu

B B F    F G F  E E D C   D  C

Tu Kisi Aur Ki Ho Na Jana

F  G F  E D E  E  D  C E

Kuch Bhi Kar Jaaonga Main Deewana

E     D   C  C D C B  A   G A G

Tu Haan Kar Ya ...

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Sridhar said...

thanks very much for the tone. i think you missed couple of lines on the notes though you played it correctly on the midi.

i think you need 2 lines of notes before mere khwabon ke ... can you post them please :)

ರವಿಕಾಂತ ಗೋರೆ said...

wounderful... please send me ur mail id to ravikanth143@gmail.com..
i wanna learn keyboard and some more song notes and more information about keyboard learning


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