Fur elise

This would perhaps sound the best since the notation isn't mine. :)
Since I didn't know the exact tune, I kind of mugged up the notes and played. Thank you Google, for the notes!

I'll post a better sounding midi once I begin playing the chords.

Here are the notes:

E D# E D# E B D C A   C E A B  E G# B C

E E D# E D# E B D C A  C E A B  E C B A

E D# E D# E B D C A  C E A B  E C B A

B C D E  G F E D  F E D C  E D C B

E D# E D# E B D C A   C E A B  E G# B C

E D# E D# E B D C A  C E A B  E C B A

& here goes my small tribute to the maestro

Click & Save to download MIDI


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Rajneesh said...

So dis is wat keeping u busy der..Heard some of the songs..I am not a big fan of music, still I feel u are doing it (almost:)) great for a beginner..I am sure u will improve the status from beginner to expert and remove the prefix in 'almost perfect'. All the best..

Chandoo said...

nicely done... fur elise is one of my alltime faves, so much so that it had been my ring tone for almost 2 years.. good luck :)

Saikat said...


Very nice work, and very inspiring too for self learners.

One suggestion - Pl use the underline for lower octave notes and bars for next higher octave ones. It will make your notations much easier to read.

Or you might use different colours too for the 3 octaves.

Best Wishes,


Swetha Bhagwat said...

hey..thanks a lot..gr8 job

dremersblog said...

Thanks.. I was searching for this music notes.. firs i was playing this music like


now i realize my mistake.. Thank you once again..

Anonymous said...

easy and cool 2 in 1 <3


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