Dil ne yeh kaha

Dil ne yeh kaha hai dil se

A   B  D   B A   G# B   A

Mohabbat ho gayi hai tum se

A A B    D  B A  G#  B   A

Meri jaan mere dilbar

A B  C E  D C  E D

Mera aitebaar karlo

G A  B D C B  D C

Jitna bekaraar hoon main

A B   C E E E  E F  E D

Khud ko bekaraar karlo

G    A  B D C B  D C

Meri dhadkano ko samjho

F G  A C B    A  C B

Tum bhi mujh se pyaar karlo

C   B   G    G  G C   B A

Tum jo keh do toh chaand taron ko todh laaunga main

E   D  C   C  C   E D    C C C  E D C  C D C   B

In hawaaon ko in ghataaon ko modh laaunga main

D  C B B   B  D  C B B    B  D C  B B C B A

Kaisa manzar hai meri aankhon mein kaisa ehsaas  hai

E D   C C    C   E D  C C      C   E D   C C D C  B

Paas darya hai door sahra hai phir bhi kyun pyaas hai

D C  B B    B  D C  B B   B   D    C   B    B C B  A

Kadmon mein jahaan yeh rakh doon

A B    C    E D     C  E     D

Mujhse aankhein chaar karlo

G A    B D       C B  B D C

Jitna bekaraar hoon main ...

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shilp said...

thnx buddy good job

Yashi said...


ur really good

i was wondering if you could please post zara sa dil mein from jannat

in piano notation

ive looked everywhere and cant find it in piano notations anywhere

thnx a lot in advance :)

Muneera said...

Excellent job buddy,

I am just the beginner but I love the way you have got the notaiton so appropriate.

Great job, its a great contribution to the music community.

Keep up the good work.



himanshu said...


Anil said...

Thanks for the hindi song notations and midi files, so now i can check and learn that i am playing it correct.
Great work!!!

Abhishek said...

Thanx..... It is superb, i am a beginner, & was able to play it well....

It would be good if u provide the notes for "tum dil ki dhadkan me rehte ho..."

shahid said...

please notify the piece that u had played in the middle[on dat space above],its not added there pls add it


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