Baazigar Oh Baazigar

O Mera Dil Tha Akela, Toone Khel Aisa Khela

E E E  D F E D C E    D C   B D  C B  A C

Teri Yaad  Mein Jaagun Raat  Bhar

B A  G B A  G   F F    F G F  E

Baazigar O Baazigar

E G# B   D C B C B A

Tu Hai Badha Jaadugar

E  G#  B D   C B C B A

Chupke Se Aankhon Ke Raste Tu Mere Dil Me Samaaya

E E    D  C B A   A  B B   E  A B  D   C  B C C

Chaahat Ka Jaadu Jagaake Mujhko Dewaana Banaaya

C C     B  A G   E F F   D F    F B A   G F E

Pehli Nazar Me Bani Hai Tu Mere Sapnon Ki Raani

E E   E E   F  E G  G   D  D D  C E    D  E E

Yaad Rakhegi Ye Duniya  Apni Vafaa Ki  Kahaani

E    E E F   E  E G F E  D D  D C  C E  D E E

O Mera Chain Churaake Meri Neenden Udaake
Kho Na Jaana Kisi Modh Par
Baazigar O Baazigar ...

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md said...


your notes are quite easy to follow and sounds cool...
looking forward for more and more songs...

manisha said...

your notes are very good and easy.... can you help me please try to find out notes for song "apney pyaar ke sapney sach hue". plz if you can then plz do a help for me... get me notes for this song
you can send it on

Premila said...

Your notes are good, how do i know, whether thoe notes are quarter note or half note and how many notes are there in a measure.
can you give that also. I am a new piano player. It will help me a lot.


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