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Hey hi. Thanks for visiting my blog. Few dislaimers before I get started. :) This being my first attempt at blogging, I might not have hosted a well organized blog. Also, am no piano stud. Haven't taken any lessons as such, I simply play for myself. So, my notes might be faulty at places. Please do bear with me. :)

Alright now, let me introduce myself. This is Manjusha, a simple Indian housewife living in the US. After years of studies and work, I'm now jobless in this "land of opportunities". :( To kill time, I do 'n' number of things. Thankfully, am not bored of this H4 status yet. I love to read, anything. Be it the techie stuff or works of fiction or the newspaper. Virtually anything. :) Also like music. Enjoy watching movies and outdoor activities like skiing. That's a little about me.

Having seen many of my friends set their foot on the blogosphere, I too wanted to give it a shot. But the big question is - what do I blog about? With this thing hovering in my mind, I've spent several sleepless nights. Seriously guys. :) Most bloggers usually write about their hobbies or in general, scribble about anything and eveything on this planet expressing their opinion. My activities mainly include cooking, reading and wandering in the world of internet. So, I could not really come up with anything interesting to write about.

Many of my friends are food-bloggers. They write real good recipes, and take amazing pictures. Lately, food-photography has become an art in itself. I really appreciate their patience for maintaining such good websites. I have enough patience and interest too for blogging. But food-blog and me - a big NO. I was a pathetic cook until a while ago. Couldn't even prepare a cup of coffee for dad. My husband has already gained enough sympathy from my friends for having become the guinea pig of my kitchen.:) But am lot better now. My food blog (if it exists) would just contain one single post, describing my universal recipe for all the veggies. :) Fry the tadka, onions, tomatoes & any veggy of your choice and thats it, your curry is ready! Pretty simple, isn't it?. :) Got bored of using the same template for everything, and have started googling for recipes. Long live Indira (of mahanandi) and Prema Sundar (prema's cookbook @ blogspot)!

The other thing, I could have blogged about is books. I enjoy reading fiction. Read mostly Sheldon, Archer and Grisham. Except for few works of Dan Brown, Chetan Bhagat and Sudha Murthy, the books I mostly read are all best-sellers of yester-years. There are hazaar reviews of them already available on the net. So, I've got nothing new to enlighten people about. :) Oh by the way, any techie guys out there, try reading the "Head First" series of books when you find time. A good source for re-learning the concepts, the head-first way!

Still the desire for blogging remains, even though I can't think of what to blog about. After giving enough thought, I finally decided to blog about my new found love, which happens to be my piano. I was never a music enthusiast. My mom pained me enough during my school days by joining me in veena classes. Tried hard and finally managed to get rid of them with an excuse for saving time for my studies. After that, I've never touched any instrument. I love listening to music, movie songs as well as the instrumental stuff. But somehow, lack the interest to actually learn music. After marriage, I've seen my husband play movie songs on his piano and was impressed. Most of them are real good melodies, songs that are evergreen. It took no time for the enthu to creep into me. My husband introduced me to the sa-ri-ga-ma's on the piano and that's it, I started playing khooni-ragas with one finger. :) Pained by that, he taught me my first song - papa kehte hain from QSQT. I loved playing it. And therafter, started playing on my own. Thanks to musicindiaonline for the good collection of songs that I keep pause-and-playing infinite number of times. Am in a better shape now. Each time I learn a new song, I play it for my parents, showcasing my piano heroics. :) The happiness I get after learning a song is boundless.

Googling for piano notes would take you to several websites that list the notes for many Indian songs. But the satisfaction in writing the notation yourself is lots. So, I made it a point not to peep into the notes. My notes are not perfect. Whenever I find it hard to accurately note-ify a portion of a song, I approximate it by sampling at few places in between.:) To start with, I posted few songs that I've learnt till now. Each post contains the notes, and two players. One that plays the actual song and the other that plays a record of what I play on the piano (in MIDI format). My notes are all chord-free, since I haven't learnt chords yet. I'd soon learn playing the piano properly, and perhaps put up few tutorials too. :)

So that's it folks! Before I wind up, few credits I'd like to include:

1. My husband, for inspiring me into this piano stuff.

2. My friend's blog (valliskitchen @ blogspot) for making me want one of my own.

3. Ironically, the H4 visa, for giving me all the time in this world!


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Ande Ravi said...

All the Best !!

abha said...


Have you tried taking piano lessons?
I was in a similar situation like yours a year ago in the US.
I eventually took piano lessons at a community college and if nothing else it does help you to understand the basics very well.
Good luck.

bbbryant said...


Nice site. I have here another site

But not everything is right. Do you please want to add some songs on your site which are good?

kshitij said...

this was what i was lookin 4 since months n months..
thanks a lot ha..

kumar said...


Let me tell you, you are doing a wonderful job. You could be an inspiration for many people like you, you are making good use of your temporary situation (H4). Keep up the good work even after you transition to work and other stuff

Lakshmi said...

manjusha,very nice

desi-crazi said...

Bro can u add more songs...? from new movies...Mehbooba?

Manjusha said...

Thanks for your comments guys!


I don't prefer learning the keyboard, the classroom way. Moreover, they teach you western songs, staff notation and all that, in which I'm not interested.

@ desi-crazi,

Give me some time, and I'll post new songs.

kumar said...


Can you guys try "Maa" from Tare zameen par.

Btw how did you learn to play chords? I have been searching the net to learn chords. Synching chords with the song is a difficult task

Manjusha said...

@ kumar,

Thanks for revisiting!
I learnt the chords in a highly unconventional way. :) and thats why they don't sound correct all the time. I'll post the method I use to determine the chords in a day or two.

Regarding the song from TZP, I'll do it a little while later.

kumar said...

Thanks for posting the method of learning chords in a detailed fashion, Whenever I tried I failed miserably, chord and tune co-ordination is tough I will still try and see;

Shanthiprasadh said...

hi manju, its the first time i actually visited ur blog !! maybe , i was just too busy with mine, not giving enuf attention to others :)... anyway, this is a unique thing...the piano thing !! way to go , girl !! hey ,btw,...am not able to play any of ur songs...the links arent available... !! any help ?

Manjusha said...

@ Shanthi,

Thanks for visiting my blog. There are some bandwidth issues with my host - googlepages. Check back later whenever the player fails to play the song. I just made a quick fix to the problem though.

Swapna said...

Hi... Wht you are doing is really intresting... It is best way of living a life... learning something new...
I guess you are Manjusha from AU, and I dont think u remember me... I am ur junior...2001-05 CSE batch. But I know u very well as a class topper... All the best. You really seems to be a Ms.Perfect :)

Manjusha said...

@ Swapna,

Hi.. Its me, your senior..:)
Thanks for visiting my blog.. I've seen yours too. Not thoroughly though. Recognized you from the picture and dance video on your blog.

Deepu said...

Hai nive to c u.......
All the best.
Keep posting the notes more.

Dipa said...

Good job!!
Thanks to ur blog,I've learnt quite a few things :)

Bhanu said...

gr8 work manujusha! i really enjoyed listening 2them :)

kumar said...

Nice work with Roja Janeman (tune, interlude and chords), can you try "Bharat Humko Jaan se Pyara Hai" you can find chords by googling, Interlude to that song is inspiring, see if you can do it. I will revisit again hopefully for that song.

Nice ....

Manjusha said...


Thanks for re-re-visiting :)
Glad that you liked "Roja jaaneman". Regarding "Bharat Humko", I might play sometime later.. Working on a very popular Telugu number "Ninnu Kori Varnam" from the film "Gharshana".

Manjusha said...

@ Deepu, Dipa and Bhanu,

Thank you!

Amforked said...

Wonderful way to spend time :) Liked all your efforts. Thanks manjusha! Thanks to your husband too for being supportive on the piano aspects!! Cheers guys!

shanky said...

Thanks for providing so many notes.
I am new to piano and after a few classes i feel my enthu dying. But these notes will definetely keep my desire alive.
Thanks a lot.
Now one farmaish(request)
Can you please play "na hai ye paana" from jab we met.

Twisted DNA said...

Just stumbled upon your site. Amazing site! You are doing a great job of selecting songs, playing, posting the notes, posting the videos of songs and your rendition - a LOT of work. Thanks for your music.

Manjusha said...

@Amforked, @Shanky, @Twisted DNA,

Thanks guys!

Vasusri said...

Hi Manjusha,

Just came across your blog while googling for notes for bollywood songs. It was really interesting to know the way you developed your penchant for music. Infact I would love to go through your tutorials.

I too used to play keyboard during my school days but discontinued it once I was out of my school. Currently I am working but I miss those days when I used to play (especially because I have completely forgotten all the basics, neither do I have my own keyboard now).

So, I thought to revive my interest now. Planning to go and buy a new keyboard soon :)

Thanks :)

SHAN said...

great i liked it very much . now i can play all the songs you listed here.
i made a blog onhow to reduce body fat and get a muscular body which shows you exercises and diets to have please visit

Lakshmiskitchen said...


Great work and you are an inspiration for people like me to learn playing piano.


Manjusha said...

@ Lakshmi,

Thanks dear. Playing the piano is no big deal. Give it a shot yourself. Pradeep has a keyboard same as the one I play - so you could go to his house and try it out. :)

Rajesh said...


Cool blog. I know only few of the songs you've done. Good job!
BTW - Thanks for signing my guest book.



Vasantha said...

neeku 1st comment from my side..
god bless you kanna babu :)

Manjusha said...

@ Rajesh,

Could you respond to my comment on your guestbook pls?

Manjusha said...

@ Vasusri,

Try to spare a little time for the keyboard and you'll surely feel relaxed after the day's work.

Manjusha said...

@ Amma,

Thank you :))))

Rajesh said...

Regarding your query - I don't rec my midi on the keyboard (Yamaha DGX-305). I sequence on my PC using software. All the rhythms are sequenced by me. I then do each track separately to get the final midi. Lot of tweaking and corrections are involved to get it as close as possible to the original.



suraj_talreja said...

I've just been to your site yesterday for some piano tabs and I find it useful. I don't like the classroom way of learning and prefer to figure things on my own. Your site is very good. Keep up the good work. !

Devarishi said...

Hey, have you tried playing the song: "Tum Ko Paya Hai To Jaise Khoya Hoon" from Om Shanti Om movie?

If yes, then can get me the notes to be played on keyboard (electronic piano - CASIO)?

Manjusha said...

@ Suraj,

True.. Formal training isn't as much fun as hacking the notation yourself.

Haimendra said...

please send me piano notes for "Nagin song" nd "tujhe dekha to ye jaan sanam"..
on my email haimendrakumar91@gmail.com

nikhil srivastava said...


i too enjoying playing piano..
i m totally a music freak espeacially hindi melodies.
ur case is similar to mine :)
i too havnt taken ny music lession from nybody. but i know music can be learnt thru intutions , practice and anticipation.
nice to see ur work here in the blog. :) keep up

Srividya said...


Could you pls provide the piano notes for the song "Hum ko Man ki shakti dena", the popular song from the movie Guddi?


jv said...

Nice to see this kind of group..
Great work.

Venkatachalam J

Krishnapriya Guduru said...

Hey ,
I would like to ask you if you can provide me the carnatic notes for annamacharya kirthan "Adivo alladivo". i love your work and i throughly appreciate your work!!

Krishnapriya Guduru said...

Hey manjusha,
Can you please try to provide me the notes of adivo alladivo which is a annamacharya kirthan? also i throughly appreciate your work.Keep it up!

Nandakumar said...

I saw your site.Good that you are learning on your own.I am 59 years ols and recently retired and living at Chennai- India.My son has one keyboard (He learnt western) when he was in school.He no longer uses it and it was idle.Since I have time I started handling it.I love music but no music knowledge or music sense.I tried with some notes from net for playing Tamil film songs.It was horrible in the beginning.I used to forget the notes and refer the sheet again.Almost like copying in the exams.

But now I am slowly practicing on my own and not seeing the notes.I am not getting perfect notes.But some thing nearer to the tune.Probably after one year I may try to get matching notes.

Your blog is an inspiration to me.I will keep on trying daily and I may get satisfaction after some time.

Happy to visit your blog.


udit said...

thanks for making a such nice blog . i appreciate you that you are doing a good work for those who are initaing in the field of piano and offcourse for yourself also.

Ansi said...

u r really really gr8.. thanks for all these wonderful songs chords... could u plz plz help me getting keyborad.. Yamaha or casio.. 4 octave or 5 octave.. which 1 should i go for?

surekha said...

hi manjusha
can u please give me the notation of " lakdi ki Kathi"

Pathre said...

hi im a beginer of learnin keyboard i learnt some 50 classical songs,and 10 movies songs in 2 months im workin like hell for this but im not able to write notes for any song on my own can you help me wiuth some advise how to start or somethin ill get frustrated everytime i try an quit :-(

yogesh said...

hi manjusha

thank u for uploading so many notes on d blog...
i used to go for synthesizer classes...
but its better to learn synth on ur own than those tutions...
good job i must say...xcellent and thnx again...its like synthesizer made easy...
and about that chords thing(courtest infosys thing)... r u an infoscion???

PS said...


This is great blog. I was looking for Indian music notes ,Finally i found nice songs in your site. Can you add some hindi Bhajans notes. Like Om Jai Jagadish Hare, Jai Ganesh ....

Again Great Job!


PS said...


This is great blog. I was looking for Indian music notes ,Finally i found nice songs in your site. Can you add some hindi Bhajans notes. Like Om Jai Jagadish Hare, Jai Ganesh ....

Again Great Job!


vicky_theguru said...

Hello Manjusha,
Great work from your side. I wants to appreciate your work that after so many searching on google finaly I have found ur blog/site that is usefull for many peoples.
I have read about you on your blog, i feel you are motivative to others that how can a person use his/her spare or blank time for helping others and himself/herself too.

vikram sharma

CoolCollections said...


Good one... you may visit my blog with indian songs on piano/keyboard and video lessons.

All the very best,

Anonymous said...

Hi Manjusha,
Thanks for these beautiful material for learning piano. I am a beginner to piano. I ll definitely try your given note, but can you please share some tips or site, which will help me to learn playing piano. I dont want to attend any classes or music teacher.

Thanks a lot for a gud heart to help music lover.

Manas Ranjan Pradhan
carryonmanas at gmail dot com

vnc said...

Hi, I have seen some notes with D+, C+ etc symbols. what does D+ mean? is it the same like D# ?

Manjusha said...

@ vnc,

No idea.. On this blog, I have never used D+, C+.

Raaj said...


C+, D+ etc. stand for augmented triad chords. The plus means augmented which means to raise the fifth (highest note of the chord) up one semitone.
Example: C+ consists of: C, E, G#
Db+ consists of: Db, F, A

It produces a sound that gives tension to a song.

Thanks for this Blog!


Kundan Lohar said...

nice & grate


Alpana Iyer said...

Hi Manjusha
I am Alpana from India. I like your piano notes very much , easy to play. I was searching piano notes for hindi songs and came across your blog. Can you please post some beautiful old songs like Jina yaha marna yaha or Dil ki Girah khol do. or any songs of your choice from 1960;s 70's

Dr.Bharat Katarmal said...

wonderful jobs, Manjusha,
very intresting about your blogs
Thanks for music notes.


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